SYRINX - History

Pride in our experience, passion for innovation

When Ernst Glas launched his trading company for steel & technology more than 30 years ago, markets were more strongly shaped by region – globalization was still just an idea at that time and had not yet become a reality. "Although a great deal of effort was required to meet this challenge, it was also tremendously rewarding", says founder Ernst Glas today. The effort, however, paid off – the company is now solidly facing the future with excellent prospects.

A service provider with personality – and personalities

A highly diverse group of characters in the company management complement each other with each of their own special abilities. Ernst Glas laid the cornerstone of the company's success when he founded the enterprise in 1984. As an adept steel trader and former head of purchasing in a major industrial company, he took advantage of his good contacts in the industry to implement his vision of a sustainable, fair and reliable company culture. Initially with headquarters in Ravensburg, Glas first focused on pure retail in all its diversity – and namely not just on the German market, but very quickly on the European market as well. He strengthened many contacts in the first few years and forged new ones, which he used to achieve a solid market position despite powerful competitors.

Ernst Glas moved with his team to Lindau in 1997 to become even closer to the most important markets in Austria and Switzerland. Steady organic growth with a sense of proportion has been accompanying the successful process from the year of establishment to the present day, on which the company name may have changed but not its basic values. He will also be acting in an advisory capacity for SYRINX® Stahl und Technik in the future and in light of his excellent contacts, continue to promote the interests of the company. Personal, reliable and straightforward – Ernst Glas has used these values to lay a foundation which will also ensure stability and reliability in the future.



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